Manage Algae

There are several different ways to manage algae in your backyard pond. The best way however is when you have several different things all working together in harmony that will best take care of any algae problems you may have.

The things that I'm talking about are as follows to manage algae. First, you will need to have some kind of pond filter. There are many different kinds on the market in many different price ranges. Personally, I think submersible pond filters are the best. They're in the water and out of sight. I'm not trying to be pushy, but you might want to check out my homemade pond filter, it works fantastic.

The second thing you need to help manage algae is a UV filter. These filters should be at the top of your list when it comes to things you must have for your pond. What they do is kill the algae as the pond water passes by the light inside the tube that encloses it. They can be hooked up in conjunction with your pond filter and water pump, or separately.

The third thing that you must have is plenty of pond plants. You should have both underwater and surface plants. Pond plants help break down the organic waste from the fish and help manage algae. Great underwater plants include Anacharis and Hornwort, while good surface plants are Water Hyacinth and Water Lettuce.

I would prefer not to use any chemicals, and I haven't, so I cannot comment about them. The three things mentioned above should be just about all you need to keep the algae under control. Try and keep ahead of the game and not let the algae get out of control, because if you do, you could have a battle on your hands at getting rid of it completely. It's up to you to manage algae, don't let it manage you.

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