Decorative Garden Accents

Think of your garden like you would a room in your home. After planning the shape, tilling the soil, choosing the right plants the last step is to add those personal touches. And just like indoors this is accomplished with accessories.

What type of accessories or accents you add will depend on what you like and what type of garden you've designed. For example in a formal type garden you probably would not add whimsical looking birdhouses or a regal looking statue would look out of place in a cottage style garden.

That being said, nothing is written in stone just as indoors the garden should reflect your personality. Which simply means if you love something use it.

The following are examples of some of the accents that can be used to dress up your gardens.

Gates: Whether they are part of an existing fencing system or just free standing, a gate will add an architectural detail. Wooden, iron, plain or whimsically decorated let the gate reflect your personality.

Gazing Globes: Beginning in Victorian times gardeners have tucked these decorative spheres into their gardens. Available in a wide array of colors and sizes ranging from 10 to 14in, place one on a pedestal and watch how suddenly things begin to look magical.

Decorative Planters: Terra Cotta, Stone, Metal or Resin ? Plain, Colorful, Textured or a Whimsical piece.

Placing decorative planters filled with beautiful flowers within your garden adds interest and a focal point. These can be moved around the garden or replanted later in the season with new plants.

There are so many types of planters to choose from, just have some fun with them. Also, any container you happen to have whether it's an old watering can or one lone rubber boot can be made into a decorative container as long as it has some type of drainage.

Statues: Choose from Cherubs, Religious Figures, Lions, Birds or Frogs. They can be large or small made of marble, stone or resin. Adding one or several give interest and whimsy to any size garden.

Furniture: Place a bench in or near a garden and it immediately says, "Sit, Relax and Enjoy".

Choose materials ranging from Cedar, Pine to Metal, buy something new or scrounge around your attic or basement for an older piece not being used anymore.

Birdbaths: A functional and decorative focal point. Most commonly seen birdbaths are shallow simple basins that sit on a pedestal, usually made of cement, porcelain or plastic. Mini versions are becoming popular for placing on patios and walkways.

Fountains: Water is a necessity in the garden; therefore having a fountain just seems natural. They provide a soothing sound and become a beautiful accent. The most common styles include; wall mounted, free standing, single basin and multi-tiered.

Birdhouses: Found at nurseries, home improvement, discount stores and flea markets, this is probably the easiest of accessories to add. They can be simple square wooden boxes to elaborately detailed versions; you might even try your hand at making your own.

Mount or hang them on a tree, place on top of a pole or simply sit one on an old bench or chair. If your also hoping for them to take on tenants, make sure to check dimensions as different species of birds prefer certain sizes.

On two trees that sat back away from the house we attached simple rectangular shaped wooden houses with small entrance holes in the front. Each spring we were rewarded with two families of beautiful Blue Birds making a home in those houses. Watching mom and dad first preparing the inside then little heads peeking out and finally the first flight was marvelous.

Sundials: Here's an accent that may not be common but has been around since early civilization. Of course in the beginning their sole purpose was to measure time. You can still mark time with them but what a unique decorative accent they'd make in your garden.

Stepping Stones: Another fun way to accessorize your garden. Even if you don't use them to walk on one or two placed amongst your plants look wonderful. Plain or decorated with a picture, pick whatever suites your garden.

I've used simple terra-cotta color stones around colorful flowers, light colored cement ones with embedded pebbles and bits of ground glass that sparkle around shrubs. Around shrubs or flowers that attract butterflies or hummingbirds find stones with a print on them to match the theme of the plant.

Whether it's an elaborate water feature, a simple resin turtle or something just for fun, keep in mind it's just like dressing a room in your home. After all the main elements are in place the final touch is to embellish and personalize with decorative accents.

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