Wind Chimes Go Great With Gardening

What could be more relaxing than gardening on a nice summer morning? Listening to your wind chime while you garden! Wind chimes are not only fun to look at but they add much more to your garden then just visual appeal.

Wind chimes have tones and vibrations that soothe and calm the mind helping to release all your stress. When you dig in the garden and connect with the earth, listening to your chimes tinkle in the breeze can help you also connect with your inner spirit. Chimes have been used for much more than just decoration for centuries. In fact, wind chimes are used in many Feng Shui cures. You can hang your chimes inside as well as outside, metal chimes are best for North, Northwest and West while wood chimes are best for South, Southeast and East. The number of rods can be associated with the cure you want. Use 4, 6, 7, 8 or 18 rods for luck and 5 rods to reject bad energy. Use bamboo for outside.

Of course, you should pick chimes that decorate your porch or garden area to your liking. There's plenty of styles and materials to choose from. I favor the chimes with a stained glass decoration on top that comes in all kinds of whimsical styles. If you are more traditional, you might go for a simple bamboo chime with an Asian flair. You can even get chimes that are hand tuned if you are really into the sound quality of your wind chime.

Hanging your wind chimes is easy. To hang from the top of your porch, you can use a simple C shaped hook that screws into the ceiling. Any type hook can be used as long as it is strong enough to support your wind chime. Be sure you hang it in an area where it's freedom of movement is not obstructed by anything. You can also buy fancy hangers that screw in or that stick up from the ground. When hanging your chime, try to pick a place that will not get a strong wind ? this way you can be sure your chime does not blow off and break.

So, the next time that you get out into the garden, make sure that you hang out some wind chimes so that you can add a new level to your gardening experience!

Lee Dobbins writes for where you can find all kinds of wind chimes to brighten your day.

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