Buying a Lawn Mower

Anyone with a lawn, no matter how small will at some point need to cut the grass, up root any weeds etc. Like most people, I normally manage to do this at weekends. Unfourtunately for me, recently, the cable on my lawn mower was cut when trimming the grass at the weekend.

This of course led me to go any buy a new mower (had an excuse now!). For what its worth, I would recommend anyone with a small to medium size lawn to purchase a lawn mower that comes with a grass gatherer attached- you will wounder how you managed to live without it!.

On a saftety point of view, 'power plugs' only cost around 10. They immedialely cut the power from the plus and hence reduce the chance of an injury, albeit a serious one. The great thing about the power plug is, it can be used for any electrical appliance, ie, drills, irons, anyware there is a danger of an electrical accident.

Another safety point to consider is the actual blade itslef. There are very robust plastic blades avaiable, and replacements can be ordered cheaply. I would recommend plastic blades for well kept gardens, where there is not much danger of your mower trying to mow a brick or something, and hence damaging the blade.

It is definately worth spending a bit extra and obtain an extended warranty. Now days warranties for these sort of applicances tend to also cover accidental damage.

Regarding the lawnmowers, without plugging any specfic modules, I have found the lighter lawn mowers tend to be a lot easier to manouvre without comprising quality.

Johnatan Sanders

keen amatuer gardener

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