Tractors and Their History

I recently bought a small tractor for my garden, which prompted me to right this article.

The tractor was a John Deere, GT235. John Deere tractors are quite popular in the USA, so thought I would share a few words about the man himself!

John Deere was born in Rutland, Vermont in 1804. In 1837 he built the first steel plough, using steel from an old sawmill blade. By 1842 100's of plows and by 1852, Deere & Co. were located in Moline, Illinois, who were producing 4000 ploughs per year. John Deere passed away in 1886 and the company was taken over by his son.

Tractors form a major part of any farm work throughout the world, Previously, this task would have been carried out by traditional horse and cart, but with the industrial revolution, and the advent of the modern engine, is now done by tractors.

In 1918 Deere & Co. acquired the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company and were instantly in the tractor business.

John Deere's most popular tractor, the Model A, began production in 1934. This spawned a popular line of two-cylinder tractors including the B, G, L, LA, H, and M.

John Deere continues to produce tractors today and is one of the leading manufacturers in the modern industry.

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John Sanders
Took up gardening recently and ejoying it

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