Think Vintage for Your Garden

Container gardeners take note. Tired of clay pots? Think vintage, because when you do, there'll be lots to choose from. Most likely vintage items will be worn and chipped which will only add charm to your garden.

Raid the Bathroom.

Forget about a relaxing soak in the tub. Vintage claw-foot bathtubs can be a gardener's delight. They work well because they are big and deep so they can hold a lot of flowers plus all that earth will retain moisture. Just make sure that you are happy with where you've positioned them because once full of soil, they'll be too heavy to move.

Search the Garage.

Galvanized pails and watering cans can make great planters. Vintage bicycles with wired baskets to hold flowers are eye-catching.

Go to the Kitchen.

Enamelware ? wash basins, pots, colanders, teakettles - work well in the garden because enamelware can handle the elements. Plus any rust or chips simply add character. Even the kitchen sink can add some whimsy to a garden. Wicker baskets can be moved outdoors for garden duty.

Clean the Closet.

Old worn boots, cast off suitcases and trunks can take on a new life outdoors.

Explore the House.

An old chair without a seat can take on a new life with a plant in it. Any wrought iron furniture ? benches, grates or tables can be recycled for garden use. Vintage coal hogs have a nice shape and be used for an interesting arrangement.

Don't forget vintage inspired reproductions.

There are lots out there. New cast iron, concrete, fiberglass urns in classic styles can give your garden that vintage feel.

Martin Swinton owns Take-A-Boo Emporium located in Toronto, Canada. He has appeared on a variety of television programs; does furniture restoration; caning and rushing repairs; appraisals and has taught courses on antiques at the Learning Annex. Martin can be reached at

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