Wild Flower Garden - Plan to Plant

In the previous article I discussed design for your new wild flower garden. The next stage is planning the planting. This is an exciting stage, we are just a few steps away from turning your garden design concept into a reality. But first things first.

If you have completed your design, does it fit within your budget? If it does, that's great, if not now is the time to go back and make some changes. Before you go to the garden center or hardware, you will need to have a final shopping list. This will help you stay within budget and ensure that you have all the materials on handbefore you start your project.

From the design stage you will have factored in such items as concrete or mulch for walkways, brick for walls, seating, water features or lighting or any other accessories you might want to add to your new garden. Before you begin preparing the ground for planting, the hardscaping should be completed.

Now you will need to work out your plant requirements. Be sure to consider the following before making a final decision on plant choices:

  • Some plants are invasive and banned from use in some areas. If you are not sure of the requirements check it out with your local authority.
  • They should love the conditions in your garden
  • If they do they will thrive, saving you time, money and the effort of replacing those that fail. The conditions to be considered in your garden are light moisture, wind factor and soil type.
  • Remember the mature height and spread of each plant
  • I know it is tempting, but please do not overplant. That 6" plant that you buy today could grow to a height and spread of 6 feet. If you do not take this into account, you will spend many unnecessary hours thinning out your garden rather than just enjoying it.
  • They should blend into your existing surroundings.
  • Color, height, plant type, annual or perennial, ongoing maintenance.
  • An inexpensive way to help you choose colors that will work well together, use a paint chart and select from colors in the same grouping
  • The finished garden should serve your purpose
  • It should be a constant source of enjoyment to you.
  • Maintenance requirements should fit with your lifestyle.

When you have decided on your plant list, having taken all of the above into account, shop around if possible. I have seen big varieties in price and quality for the same plants in the same area. Choose only healthy plants to give your flower garden the best possible start.

The next and final article of this series, discusses planting requirements.

Gabrielle Bennett is a gardener with many years experience gardening in different climates. More information on Wild Flower Gardens can be found at http://www.complete-flower-garden.com

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