Lap Pools ? Great Exercise Inside Or Any Size Backyard

Do you love swimming? Do you dream of an in ground pool in your backyard; but you just don't have the room for it? If space is an issue; in ground lap pools allow you the exercise you desire for any size backyard. They are so great because they allow you to go swimming and get some exercise in a very small space. It doesn't matter if you own a mansion or have a small backyard. Lap pools are versatile in their style and design and you can configure your own pool to the size and shape of backyard you have. A lap pool was once typically a long and narrow pool and usually only 3 feet deep. Sizes range everything from 6 x 30 to 12 x 44. It was meant purely for the enjoyment to swim back and forth. Health spas or gyms often have these types of pools because they are meant for exercise instead of just recreation. Since they are just for this purpose; more space is needed for these pools, but you can customize them to fit right alongside the house. You can also configure the pool to be an L shape or whatever is needed for your space. If you don't want this kind of in ground pool for doing laps there are other choices available to the homeowner.

A Swim Spa is also great for doing laps and you just need a very small space for this pool. They are larger than a hot tub, but much smaller than a conventional pool. The pumps and motors cause a current to flow through the water giving you resistance much like a stationary bicycle. You will get exercise and hydrotherapy at the same time. Since they don't take up much room; they are great for the indoors too. Any lap pool will be easier and less expensive to maintain than a full size pool. You typically use fewer utilities to heat and less maintenance to keep clean and sanitized. If it is exercise you want, check into one of the many styles of lap pools that are available. Endless Pools is another brand of lap pool that is small enough to fit in most homes or businesses. They feature adjustable speeds from zero to that of a racer; making it great for exercising, swimming, hydrotherapy or relaxation. All parts of the kit will fit in doorways as narrow as 24 inches so placing them in existing homes should present no problems. There is very little maintenance with an Endless Pool and they cost about the same as a hot tub to run. The propulsion unit can move up to 5000 gallons of water a minute which results in a river current that is adjustable. If you enjoy swimming but you don't have the room for a large or long lap pool; consider one of the smaller pools available and you can have the best of both worlds in a small backyard or indoors too.

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