Garden Statuary - Time for a Fresh New Look

Spring is coming, and now is the time to get out and whip those outdoor spaces into shape. With new growth appearing on trees, bulbs popping up and birds and butterflies coming out of hiding, your patio, garden or backyard is ripe for a fresh new look with decorative accents that put a delightful finishing touch on your own little corner of nature.

Fountains, always a favorite, add the beauty of sculpture plus the relaxing sound of water, and bring a unique elegance to your garden or patio. Many people never consider fountains because they are afraid of the difficulty of transporting and installing large stone structures, not to mention the cost. The great news is that now you can get beautiful, classically sculptured fountains in modern cast materials for a fraction of the cost and weight of stone.

Alabastrite, a cast resin filled with powdered stone, can be made to look and feel like marble, granite, sandstone, concrete, even bronze -- and it costs far less than traditional stone fountains. No longer do you have to pay a lot for the beauty of classical garden fountains... modern technology has brought the elegance of the past within reach of today's patios and gardens!

For many others, the main issue is space. Apartments and condos, when they provide patio or balcony space at all, offer little room for large outdoor items. For those concerned about space, however, fountains are still a great idea. Consider a stylish tabletop fountain, small enough to fit on a patio table or garden shelf, or even in your living room, den or bedroom.

The wide range of designs and styles available today guarantees that you can always find something to fit your taste, and the small size ensures that you can always find room! Beauty for both the eyes and the ears is now available for every home, regardless of the size!

Take a fresh look at today's fountains, and you'll see why fountains are now a great choice for bringing a fresh new look to your garden, patio or backyard.

Brian Dalton owns and maintains the Springtime Gardens website, and spends countless happy hours decorating and maintaining his own patios and container gardens. Springtime Gardens - Affordable Garden and Patio Decor

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