22 Fun Things To Do With Your Dozen Rose Gift

Your dozen rose gift doesn't only have to decorate your favorite room. Roses are about romance and enjoying the moment they are given and received. I've discovered some fun ways to use roses to create a stimulating day or night.

So read through this list of fun rose goodies.

Spice up your relationship and turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day you will both remember. Select your favorite and have fun!

* Send your partner a dozen roses of their favorite color along with a check for a hundred kisses.

* Order a dozen roses, eleven red and one white. In your personal message write something like: "In every bunch there's one that stands out ? and you are that one".

* Want your partners' eyes to glow? Order a bouquet of different colored roses and place each one in a different place in your home. Where you place the dozen roses, also place a small card (decorate it nicely if you like) where it will state the meaning of each colored rose and how that meaning fits in with your lives.

* When you pick up your partner have a single rose waiting on the passenger seat for him/her. He/she will be pleasantly surprised but the real surprise is yet to come? Have two dozen roses waiting at home.

* Give a bunch of long stem roses for no reason. That will sure surprise.

* Dress your bed with a white satin cover and scatter red rose petals all over. Light candles, put some soft music, have fun!

* Order 11 roses and in the bouquet put an artificial one that looks real. On your card write something like: "I will love you till the last rose withers."

* Get a journal (buy the same color journal to go with the color of roses you are going to send) and fill it with romantic quotes and love poems. Tie a ribbon around the book and give to your partner along with your dozen rose gift.

* Another variation to buying a journal and filling it with quotes is to write all the memorable moments you have shared and how you felt during those times. Like the first time you met, etc. Telling the other person how you feel always makes that person feel special. Of course accompany this with a beautiful bouquet of roses, or even one long stem rose.

* Send your partner a dozen roses - Surprise number one. When they're wilted, turn the rose petals into potpourri, put in a nice decorative box and this is surprise number two. Your partner will be delighted with your thoughtfulness.

* For this valentine's day I received a dozen roses. So the last thing I was expecting was to receive another bunch a week and a half later. What my boyfriend had done (and it was a great surprise) was to lay the petals of the old roses in the shape of a huge heart in our living room which would be the first thing I would see when I came home from work. In the middle of the heart he had placed a vase with different colored roses. I loved it!

* Leave a trail of roses leading from the front door to the dinning room where you have laid the table with fine dining wear and candles ready to enjoy a romantic dinner. Leave another trail of roses leading from the dining room to the bedroom. Scatter some red rose petals on your bed.

* Write a long love letter telling your partner why you love him/her. List in it all their good qualities. Write down all the things he/she does that makes you feel special. Write down how you see your future together and anything else you can think of. A better idea would be to write all this stuff in a journal so it can keep longer. Accompany with a dozen of their favorite colored roses.

* Write a love letter to your partner and put it into an attractive glass bottle. Fill the tub and scent it with your favorite aromatic bath oil(s). Scatter in a few rose petals and put the bottle in the tub. Let your partner discover it for themselves when they get into the tub.

* Give your partner 11 roses and tape the last one to the mirror of your bathroom. Tell him/her to go to the bathroom where they will see the last rose along with your message that says 'these are the 12 most beautiful things in the world.'

* Buy a bunch of different colored artificial roses. On each rose write what each color represents. These roses will last forever and your partner when they look at them will always be pleasantly reminded of the first time they receive them.

* Place a rose on the windshield of your partner's car which they will see and be delighted by before they leave for work. This will make them think beautiful thoughts about you all day. Then when they get home, present them with the rest of the 11 roses.

* Lay a white sheet on the floor of your bedroom/living room or wherever else. Scatter rose petals on it, place candles around the sheet, put on soft music and have your partner lay there and give them a massage.

* If you have a spare key to your partners car and know where they park during the day, while they are at work, put a bunch of roses in the car seat along with a note. They will be pleasantly surprised that you were there during the day.

* Present your partner with 10 red roses and 2 white roses. Write in the card something along the lines of "You will never be alone"

* Two weeks before valentine's day, send your partner a rose for every day leading up to the big day. For the day arrange to do something you don't usually do as a special treat to celebrate.

* Make a list of the qualities you love about your partner. Write each one individually on a small card and hang off each rose.

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