The Exotic Rose of Sharon

Perhaps you were browsing the pages of a catalog and found a beautiful picture of the Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus Sriacus)? Or maybe you were lucky enough to see a Rose of Sharon in person at a local garden center?

Are you wondering whether these will make a beautiful addition to your home? Getting a little knowledge of these beautiful plants will allow you to make a decision.

Although once somewhat uncommon, the Rose of Sharon has become a widely loved plant. Not your typical rose bush, these are more like shrubs. Other names for Rose of Sharon include althea and shrub althea. Some can grow up to 10 feet tall, while most maintain a height of 5 feet. Sounds like a tree? It looks like a beautiful shrub with blooms of a variety of colors. The Rose of Sharon makes for a great fence as well. Placed several side by side in a row, they create a natural fence that will enliven any landscape.

The Rose of Sharon is a hardy plant. Many varieties can withstand sub zero temperatures and can grow in moderate soil to poor soil. The blooms, available in several colors, bloom in mid summer and they continue to do so throughout the fall months. This creates a beautiful color display for many months of the year. They tend to need little care besides the normal water, sun, and decent soil. You may want to add nutrients to the soil yearly as well.

Regardless of the work involved, trimming a few branches will be nothing compared to the beauty the Rose of Sharon will give your landscape. Take the time, and stop to smell the Rose of Sharon and you will be taken away.

Ken Austin
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