Create and Furnish Your Outdoor Room

More and more people are enjoying their time spent outdoors by creating outdoor rooms. Whether your plans for outdoor living involve a grand plan or a more modest one, the many choices available are sure to allow you to furnish your outdoor room just the way you want it.

Just like indoor rooms, outdoor rooms can serve a number of functions-a place to eat, relax, cook, play and even sleep. The one must have for an outdoor room is a place to sit. Aside from seating, outdoor rooms are only limited by your imagination.

Whether you are looking for the perfect swing, glider, bench, chair or table, you will find a huge selection of furniture to complete your outdoor room. There are so many choices available in outdoor furniture you are sure to find something to suit your taste and budget.

When chosing outdoor furniture, you may want to consider the pros and cons of the most popular materials used for outdoor furniture.

Aluminum: Strong, non-rusting,practical.

Resin: Inexpensive and easy to clean, but lightweight so not a good choice for windy locations.

Wicker: Water and fade resistant, best used under covered porches and patios. Full exposure to sun and wind reduces life.

Teak: Natural oil content promotes durability.

Wrought Iron: Very stable, ideal for windy areas. Finished to prevent rusting, chipping and corrosion.

Combinations: Offers a unique look as well as the best properties of each material used.

No matter how big or small, furnishing your outdoor room will add more enjoyment to your garden.

Donna Letson, owner; helpful articles and advice for gardeners in the southeastern U.S.

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