Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers

Some of the best gifts you can give to a bird lover are those that have to do with birds! :)

Here are a few favorites of all bird lovers:

* Bird Houses

You can find a wide variety of bird house designs and styles. Usually anyone that really loves birds also really loves different types of bird houses too. Also, when shopping for a bird house, keep in mind that some bird houses are made for specific types of birds, and others can be used by multiple types and sizes.

* Bird Baths and Fountains

These also make wonderful gifts for bird lovers because they tend to attract more birds to the yard. Birds love to play in water as well as drink and bathe in it. So these make fantastic gifts for bird lovers. Something to know when buying bird baths and fountains though: Birds are easily scared. So try to avoid any bright colors - especially red - and try to avoid shiny things that reflect the sun.

* Bird Feeders

Another nice gift for bird lovers because this also tends to draw birds in from miles around. Birds also remember their feeding spots over the winter... and when they come back to their feeding spot the following spring they're likely to bring more birds with them.

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