Plant A Simple Tea Garden

Materials Needed
1 decorative clay or metal planter
1 package of clay pellets (approx. 30 pellets)
3 packets of organic tea leaves seeds (YOUR CHOICE)
Grow-rich or nutrient-rich potting soil (ASK YOUR NURSERY FOR THE BEST RECOMMENDATION FOR YOUR AREA)

1. Spread the clay pellets evenly along bottom of planter. These will absorb water and promote healthy root development of the tea plants.

2. Moisten potting soil in a large plastic bag and then spread mix over clay pellets in planter, leaving 1/2 inch at top of planter.

3. Sprinkle seeds on soil, leaving about 2 or so inches between different varieties.

4. Lightly cover the seeds with dry soil, and then moisten slightly with a spray bottle or a few drops of water.

5. Label the varieties of tea on the bottom or side of planter, or create popsicle-stick signs to place in the soil.

6. Move planter to a warm place in indirect sunlight until germination takes place. After germination, relocate planter to a warm area with natural sunlight.

7. When tea leaves reach a height of about two inches, thin out seedlings across the total planter surface to provide adequate space for future growth.

8. Water periodically, only when the soil is moderately dry.

9. Pick tea leaves sparingly and brew in a hot pot of water. Sit back, sip and enjoy!

Courtesy: Cedar Creek Woodshop;

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