How To Mow A Lawn

Although push lawn mowers are wonderful machines that do a great job in keeping the lawn looking lush and well groomed, sometimes you need something with a bit more power to get the job done.

Ride on mowers can turn an all day chore into an enjoyable job that lasts only a few hours. Instead of pushing your mower back and forth over several acres of lawn, you can sit on your ride on mower and relax as it does all the work. You can choose a rear sweeping model, that pushes long grass away to prevent clogging or you can choose to have the grass bagged so that you can use the clippings in another area of the garden. If you add a mulching kit, you can leave the grass clippings on the lawn to provide valuable nourishment.

These mowers are also useful for many other yard tasks. Hitch a wagon to your ride on mower and haul brush to the refuse pile or drive mulch across the garden so you can spread it more quickly. Since these are available as electric lawn mowers and petrol lawn mowers, you can choose a ride on mower that uses the energy source you prefer.

After you mow the lawn, you will want to tidy the edges and trim around trees and shrubs. Luckily, there are several great tools that can help you get the job done right. Grass strimmers are perfect for getting into tight spaces or cutting back weeds and grass by the fence line. You can choose one of the handheld models that are powered by electric or petrol for this type of job. If you need to do some serious brush cutting, you may want to look at the heavy duty wheeled strimmer model. This strimmer can take on some serious brambles.

Next, tackle overgrown shrubs with electric or petrol powered hedge trimmers. These trimmers can help you tidy hedges in just an hour or so.

To tidy the lawn after you are finished your yard work, you may want to add just a few more pieces of lawn equipment. If you don't have a bagger on your lawn mower, take a look at leaf blowers and vacuums. These hand held petrol or electric powered tools help you make short work of leaf covered lawns. If you are a serious gardener, you may want to turn your leaves into leaf mold for the garden by using a free standing electric or petrol shredder to shred the leaves.

With the right equipment, you will have a lawn that fills you with pride in no time.

Matthew Anthony writes for garden and home improvement sites such as garden furniture and lawn mowers.

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