For the Birds: Selecting and Placing a Bird House

Bird watching brings enjoyment to many people. Selecting and correct placement of bird house can attract many birds to your yard. The correct bird house can bring enjoyment and viewing pleasure from the comfort of your own home.

Selecting the correct bird house or feeder is important to attracting birds to your yard. There is a wide variety available from very decorative to functional. With the right selection you can have an attractive addition to your yards landscape and give your feathered friends a functional place to nest.

When selecting a bird house there are many factors to consider. Robins will nest in an enclosed bird house but prefer an open area such as a nesting post. Wrens and other similar small birds prefer an enclosed boxed structure. Many bird houses have small openings suited to birds like wrens. Many birds will not nest in a house that has multiple chambers preferring a single box structure. You can select a decorative structure to add beauty to your yard while giving your area birds an attractive place to nest.

Placement is important in attracting birds to your structure. Do not place your house near a feeder but try to place it near convenient cover for the birds. Near by bushes or trees will give the nesting birds a place to dart to when they sense danger. Many birds will not nest in an area where there are other birds or back yard animals like squirrels and rabbits. Feeders will attract many animals other than birds.

Nesting birds will seek areas away from the commotion of feeders and bird baths but these structures will aid in attracting nesting birds. Convenient water and food sources in another area of your yard will provide an easy source of needed sustenance for the birds that have selected you bird house to nest.

Do not face the opening of your bird house to the South or East. The direct sunlight from these directions will cause your bird house to be to warm in the morning and mid-day hours.

Try to mount your bird house on a pole or post rather than hanging it from a tree. A post will protect your nesting birds from back yard predators.

Keeping your bird house clean is very important to the health of birds that have selected your structure and to your family. Clean your bird house every spring. Remember to wear gloves and a face mask when cleaning your bird house. Cleaning will not only protect the health of the birds but will ensure your bird house can be an eye catching element of your landscape for many years.

Make sure to keep your feeders and bird baths clean and full of food and water. You may have to fill you water source a couple times throughout the day.

With thought, planning and a little maintenance the addition of a bird house can bring birds to your yard every year to give you viewing pleasure in your own back yard.

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