Mowing the Lawn

This is more of a follow up on my original article posted yesterday. As I have now finally managed to buy a new lawn mower, with safetey and usability in mind, I have been chopping away at that lawn this morning.

Whilst mowing the lawn, I noted a couple of things that may be of interest to those of you planning on cutting the grass.

Firstly, there appears to be a lack of understanding in today's society on the importance of good, well presented lawns - I am being quite serious here.

Think about it; un unkept lawn generaly atracts unwanted visitors, such as rodents, who habitually also foul within the lawn.

Secondly, as lawns tend to be mowed at the same time, this considerably incrases the amount of pollen in the atmostphere. Speak to anyone who suffers from hayfever, to find out how painful this can be.

For my part, there will be no need to push me to mow the lawn anymore - in view of the above, I shall be more that pleased to do my bit for the enviroment I live in, and at the sametime gain a beautiful garden.

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John Sanders
Recently took up gardening as a hobby.

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