Skip The Pesticide And Use Natural Alternatives

For best health, it is important to keep your environment as chemical free as possible. With better weather coming up, consider this:

Many people do not realize that using pesticides and weed killers on lawns can cause health problems for your children and animals, as they often are on the lawn daily in the summer.

Some pesticide studies have raised concerns about the connection between pesticide exposure and childhood brain cancer and leukemia. Also impaired development of the reproductive system and neurological and developmental problems.

Both children and pet's body composition is smaller for the amount of chemical they are exposed to, so the health threat is bigger for them. Of course, it is not good for you as an adult, either.

For a safe alternative to weed killers, try vinegar. Yes, the vinegar you have sitting in your kitchen cupboard.

You can use straight household vinegar and put it in a spray bottle, and spray that on the weeds you find in your yard and garden. You could also add a little dish soap to the vinegar, which will help the mixture to stick to the weeds.

Vinegar mix will not get the roots, so it is best to spray on the weeds before they are two weeks old for best effect.

Please remember that the vinegar will kill or injure what it comes in contact with. So be careful with getting it on the grass or other plants that you want to keep.

If the weeds are not young, you may want to purchase one of those tools that are advertised that you poke into the ground and pop the whole weed out. Most of the ads I have seen show the person being able to pop the weed out without bending over or getting on their knees.

By eliminating weed killer you may be preventing health problems for your self and your loved ones in the years to come. It is certainly worth the few minutes it takes to mix up the solution don't you think?

Article written by Jeannie Crabtree C.Ac. Jeannie publishes a newsletter in which she shares Nutrition tips and research.You can get your tips started by going to

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