Porch Swing Places: Where to Put a Porch Swing

So you've purchased a Porch Swing (or are about to) and you plan to hang it on the Porch? Not so fast!

Where you install your Porch Swing is as much a function of the need you are trying to satisfy as tradition and practicality. If nostalgia is your motivator, then the porch may well be the best place for your Patio Swing. But if you want a "Swing with a View", you might want to consider other options. And what about privacy and solitude? If these are your deciding factors, then you might consider a more secluded area. Finally, if romance is your #1 concern, then the immediate surroundings will factor into the decision of where to put your Porch Swing.

If you bought your Porch Swing because you long for the good old days, then the porch is probably the best place for your swing. It is after all where your memories probably happened. Perhaps you have cherished memories of swinging with Grandma on hot summer days trying to catch a breeze. Or maybe you fell in love as a teenager on your parent's swing. Whatever your memories, to capture the right "feeling", you'll probably want to hang your swing on the porch.

But if your primary concern is have a great view to enjoy, then you may want to consider some less traditional places to hang your Porch Swing. If, for example, you live on the seaside with a great view of the ocean and the passing ships, you may want to build a support to position your swing to face all the action. Or if you love a gorgeous sunset, then being able to see it from your swing may be important to you and this will help you decide on the perfect spot.

If privacy and solitude is more your ouvre, then a secluded area of your garden could be the perfect place for your Porch Swing. You could hang the swing in the shade of an old tree or backed onto thick and tall hedges. You could even build the swing support and then landscape around it to create the perfect place to sit quietly or read.

Finally, if romance is your primary motivation, then a place of beauty will be perfect for your swing. You'll want to consider a spot that is private and surrounded by fragrant flowers and blossoming trees.

Whatever your primary need, you'll be able to satisfy it with a little imagination and creativity. Of course, a good contractor can take care of the more technical aspects of designing and building a support for your Porch Swing.

Kevin Snook is the owner and operator of Cedar Patio Furniture Retailer; http://www.GoCedar.com. GoCedar.com ships Porch Swings free to Homes and cottages throughout the Continental USA and Canada.

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