Iris Flowers Remind Me Of Mom!

Iris flowers always bring memories of mom to mind. Let me share with you three reasons why...

  • Iris flowers are naturally beautiful
  • Iris flowers posses the ability to survive in all kinds of hazardous environments
  • The sweet scent from some iris flowers remind me of mom's perfume as a kid.

My First Iris Flower Experience:

Now apart from the subtle mom reminders, iris flowers (in my opinion), have got to be some of the most beautiful you could ever imagine.

After locating a place in my garden for them, I soon discovered how fast they can grow. They showed no shame in overtaking the rest of the garden and all that was planted in it.

Now if you're new to the world of iris flowers, then you'll soon begin to feel like a kid in a candy store. There are literally hundreds of different types to enjoy, so you'll always be spoilt for choice.

And what's best of all is...

  • They're really easy to grow
  • look great in your flower beds
  • and even better around your customized rock gardens

What I love the most about iris flowers are the three gorgeous looking petals, which some people call the standards... as well as three more outer petals to match. They're called the falls.

Have you ever seen a flower with a beard?

Well, brace yourself because these babys come come complete with as much hair as on my Aunt Grace's chin! Sorry Autie Grace.

All fun aside, they are different types of bearded iris flowers that exist. Remember the the three outer petals I told you about earlier on, well these hairs grow in the center.

And that's not all l love about Iris flowers...

Any experienced iris flower grower will tell you that iris flowers can last for years. Isn't that something? Imagine being able to enjoy the sights, colors and smells of your irises for years to come. Wouldn't that be great?

So, it's worth spending some quality time picking an area in your garden, or whatever location you fancy, where they will thrive and survive. Once you've done this, the most work you'll have left is thinning and dividing...

And your thinning and dividing efforts will normally take place in the late summer season. It's about the best time of year to start when your iris flowers start running amok.

Another thing which I've noticed about iris flowers, especially of the bearded type is their pratical use when creating some kind of border, or shading for a specific area.

Here, you are only limited to your own imagination.

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