The Advantages of Silk Flowers

The silk flower is growing in popularity among young couples and families for many different reasons. Many event hosts or planners struggle over whether to choose fresh flowers or artificial flowers. Silk flowers are non-allergenic, will never wilt and can be maintained as keepsakes for years. There are many more positive effects in ordering or owning silk flowers.

1. Cost

Lots of people notice a considerable price range from real flowers to silk flowers. Artificial flowers can usually be found at any craft store and sometimes even your local dollar store. Most flowers range from $1.00 to $6.00 a stem. Keep in mind that some silk flowers can get pricey, but they are usually large, high-quality silk roses. There is a wide range in colors and types of flowers in silk. Some people argue that faux flowers have no scent, thereby losing some of the mood that they want to create at a ceremony. Use of perfumes or artificial scents can help minimize this short fall in compare to cut flowers. With a huge difference in price range, most believe that this difference is not worth the extra cost and time.

2. Durability

Silk flowers have an amazing economical value. They will not break or wilt when being handled or manipulated into an arrangement or bouquet. This could become a problem with fresh flowers, as they will wilt and discolor over a relatively short period of time. Artificial flowers can be made ahead of time which allows room to fix mistakes or the odd broken stem. This is also great when large volumes and long timelines for preparation are an issue. Silk flowers have a great shelf life. When your event is over, you can store your silk flowers as a keepsake and rekindle your memories of a good time and a job well done. Silk flowers do have an amazing advantage in this area.

3. Create same feeling/mood

Some bride's-to-be or party planners fret about silk flowers looking fake. Some of this depends on the type of flower you chose. Today, silk flowers have looked more realistic than they ever have. Most flowers are easy to replicate and will provide you with a natural looking flower arrangement or bouquet.

4. Allergies

Everyone knows that allergies can be a pain. That's why silk flowers are ideal for people with allergies. People with these symptoms can have silk flowers in their home, while still enjoying the wonders of nature. No need to worry about that stuffy nose and runny makeup with silk flowers.

Silk flowers are great for any occasion - weddings, birthdays, funerals and home and office decor. Faux flowers are very easy to take care of, inexpensive and create the same positive feeling that fresh, cut flowers would. For on-the-go decorators, silk flowers are perfect for not demanding attention like real flowers.

With all these advantages, silk flowers are defiantly an option in any special occasion or event in your life.

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