You Take The Vacation - Not Your Garden

If you are planning to go on vacation, there are some important tasks that you really must undertake to ensure that your garden continues to maintain that well cared for condition which you constantly strive for.

After all, because you have spent so much of your time during the rest of the year trying to achieve perfection, it would be a great pity if some of that good work were to be undone.

You do deserve that well earned vacation however, so I put it to you that you will enjoy the break even more, in the knowledge that you will not be returning home to any unpleasant surprises.

Here are a few simple steps that I would advise you to take to help to make sure that all remains well.

Just how much you need to plan in advance depends entirely on how long that you intend to be away from home.

Even if you are only going away for a week or just over it, I strongly recommend that you make the time to attend to those basic garden chores the day before you leave.

For example, I always mow the lawn, deadhead all my flowers, and I make a point of moving any house plants that I might have temporarily placed outdoors to blossom, back indoors.

Naturally I make sure that they are watered thoroughly.

If you intend to be away from home for two consecutive weeks or longer, I suggest that you make some provision well ahead of the time, especially for the care of the lawn.

Perhaps you know a reliable teenager looking for some extra money in your neighborhood. If you do, strike a deal with him to cut the lawn once a week during your absence.

Whether he uses his lawn mower or yours though, do make sure that he knows to cut the lawn at the highest setting on the mower, which will usually be about three inches or so.

If you have an exceptionally large area of lawn however, or you intend to be away from home for a much longer period, you would probably be best to hire a professional Gardener, or a Garden Maintenance Company to attend to this. (funds permitting of course)

The day before you leave, preferably in the late morning, prune just recently opened blossoms, taking long stems with the cut flowers. I suggest that you also carry a container of water and water thoroughly.

On the same day prune flower buds also, as the blossoms will have most likely have opened and wilted during your absence.

Check your annuals and perennials for blighted foliage, removing any discolored leaves.

Your house plants will also need to be cared for as well while you are away. If you intend a long break, then you really should arrange for someone to attend to their needs if at all possible.

A good friend or neighbor will most likely be more than willing to oblige, especially if you offer to return the favor.

Your plants should be fine though, if you are only going away for a few days or so.

However if you have a situation where you simply cannot call on anybody to assist, or perhaps you do not want to impose on anybody, then I have outlined a few useful steps that you can take, particularly if you are intending to be absent for an extended time.

Move all those plants that are summering outdoors back inside, but place them in a shaded area first. Do this during the week before you leave, so as to let them acclimatize to the change in conditions.

Then bring them indoors, and place them in a spot where they will be most likely to get the benefit of indirect sunshine. In the morning before you depart, spread sheets of newspaper on the floor of the room where your plants are situated.

Water all your plants thoroughly, (whether they need it or not), and then place them on the newspaper sheets.

Place four large bowls of water around the plants, and cover them with a large white sheet. Make sure that the sheet drapes down beyond the plants onto the newspaper.

This will help to keep your plants moist and healthy.

Remember that the first priority is to have a fantastic vacation.

If you are like me however, you will enjoy it all the more, because you know that you have taken the time to make sure that your cherished garden and house plants have been well looked after.

Marie K Fisher is an avid gardening enthusiast with a passion for exotic flowers and wonderful colors. She is a regular contributor to Garden Center Showplace a leading online Garden Center. For more details of the superb range of products offered, and also more Featured Articles And Tips on Gardening visit

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