A Garden Pond in Your Landscape - Want Water in Your Yard?

A Garden Pond in your Landscape - Want Water in your Yard?

Thought about adding a garden pond? Should you? Here are the pros and cons to consider:

On the pro side:

A garden pond adds an entirely new dimension to your garden! Where before the living things were limited to plant life, the pond will have fish (must does not need to).

The water will attract birds and other animals which make for wonderful watching and viewing. This aspect of the water feature can be enhanced by adding landscaping attractive to birds.

The water noise generated by a waterfall, fountain or creek is very relaxing and the visual beauty of the water feature adds much enjoyment to the outdoor space.

Aquatic plants such as water lilies and lotus are absolutely spectacular, do not need much care once established and provide blooms all summer long.

Aquatic plants never need to be watered!

A garden pond actually needs less water than a lawn. This is an important consideration in areas with water restrictions.

Pond fish do not need to be taken for walk, they do not make noise and they can be left for a week or two on their own and will do just fine.

A pond contributes important living space for critters that have been impacted greatly by development of subdivisions and shopping centers. Frogs, toads and newts will make a pond their new home.

A well designed water feature will add to the resale value of the home by greatly enhancing its landscape.

On the con side:

Building a garden pond requires a bit of an initial investment. Good equipment should be used, because once a pond is installed it will last many, many years.

Pond equipment does have to be mainted: Good equipment needs very little maintenance, lower end equipment needs much more.

A water feature has to made secure if small children are close by.

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