The Perfect Accent -- Miniature Roses

Indoors or out, you'll find miniature roses very easy to grow. These little guys sometimes get overlooked because they give off little fragrance, yet they can be the perfect visual accent to any home or garden.

Compared to their full-sized cousins, miniature roses are practically maintenance-free. Just give them a "bath" once a week, and they'll last forever.

Small is Comparative

A common misconception about miniature roses is they will make ideal houseplants. Before moving them indoors, realize that miniature roses can grow up to 4 feet in height. This large houseplant will need a very generous source of light. The micro-mini roses, however, only grow to about 5 inches tall and are just as easy to maintain.

If you're determined to have miniature roses indoors, there are several tips that will make caring for them easier.

Planting Indoors

Place your plant in direct sunlight. They flourish in the sunniest windows of your home. If the stems appear to stretch out, leaving wide gaps between the leaves, your rose is not getting enough light. Either move the plant to a new location or provide supplemental light.

Make sure to bathe your plant weekly. Spraying will reduce the risk of a spider-mite attack. Gently mist the tops and undersides of the leaves. The spray also removes dust.

Make sure that your plant looks comfortable in its pot. If the pot is too small, the plant will be cramped. If too large, your roses will be reluctant to grow.

Planting Outdoors

Outdoors, most miniature roses bloom from spring until the winter. If covered with mulch, it will have a good chance of surviving frost and cold winters. You can plant your roses directly into the ground, a hanging basket, or in an 8 to 10 inch pot. Make sure your plant isn't shaded by large trees or anything that will cast a shadow. These little plants love direct sunlight.

If you choose to plant your roses directly into the ground, dig a hole about 1 foot in depth and diameter. Take your rose out of its pot and gently untangle any loose roots. Place the roots down into the hole. Refill the hole with loose soil, so that your miniature roses are level with the top of the ground. Water your plant thoroughly. These same rules apply to potting your plant.

Water Faithfully

Don't let the soil dry out. The first 3 weeks are crucial to any plant's health. Water every day for those 3 weeks. These roses do enjoy their water! After the 3-week period is over, your goal is to just keep their soil moist. Check the soil daily -- If it feels dry, give it a little water.

Miniature roses will look great in your living room, along the edges of your flower beds, or anywhere your home or garden needs a little burst of color.

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