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An important addition to any British back garden, the greenhouse is firmly established in the British way of life. It's probably the inclement weather that drives the british gardener 'inside'. If you are visiting this site then you are probably thinking about obtaining a new greenhouse. It is possible you don't know the type of greenhouse you need or even how to decide on the type of greenhouse. This site has a series of articles on many of the different things to consider when installing a greenhouse.

For example, you need to decide on size, shape, style, location, installation, maintenance, irrigation, heating and this is before you have grown anything. You can look at the different benefits of aluminium greenhouses, pvc-u greenhouses and wooden greenhouses -- we have discussed each one seperately. You mat wish for a standard greenhouse or choose a bespoke model. There is a lot to look into - viewing manufacturers sites can help to get a feel for what is available. However, don't be put off as with a little research and planning the whole process can be made much easier.

The benefits of a greenhouse would seem to be fairly obvious. They not only extend the growing season, but also allow you to grow more exotic plants. Even if you don't wish to recreate the 'Eden project' in your back garden, you can still be fairly ambitious with a very basic greenhouse. The downside may not be so apparent, but there is the constant battle against insects and disease. Also, the odd stray football to worry about. However, before too long you will be getting great enjoyment froim your greenhouse. Once in place a greenhouse makes a fantastic year round hobby and as each year goes by you will get more and more from your greenhouse.

Wooden Greenhouses are the choice for the traditionalist and the expert gardener. They are commonly made from Canadian Western Red Cedar, which is renowned for it's exceptional long life outdoors as a result of it's effective rot resistance. Wooden greenhouses are the traditional style of greenhouse before the aluminium greenhouses and plastic greenhouses became more popular towards the end of the last century.

A timber greenhouse will obviously blend in naturally with your garden and will become an integral feature rather than something of an eyesore which you wish to hide away. Timber is also the choice of the expert gardener and it is generally agreed that it is the best material for a greenhouse. One of the main reasons is that the red cedar greenhouses are much better at maintaining a constant temperature than aluminium ones, which obviously leads to a healthier and more natural environment. An experienced gardener will know the benefit of having things to hand and a wooden frame will allow the gardener to easily fix hooks and shelves exactly where he wants them, so those all important greenhouse accessories are to hand. The wooden frame also makes it easier to fix an extra layer of insulation of plastic bubble sheeting, such severe weather conditions prevail.

The best time to add a protective coat to a timber frame is before winter sets in. Choose a good day in the late autumn and give the frame any attention it needs. Look for any wear and tear and treat it immediately. Most good timber frames come with a ten year gaurantee, but don't wait for 10 years before checking.

Wooden greenhouses are slightly more expensive than aluminium and plastic ones, but do offer more to the experienced gardener. Aluminium and plastic greenhouses are a better choice for the beginner before upgrading to a timber greenhouse.

Garry John is a regular contributor to garden websites such as uk greenhouses.

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