Adirondack Chairs - How to Care for and Clean Them

Different from any other chair, the Adirondack chair was first created in the late 1800s by Thomas Lee as a means of making something exceptionally comfortable, affordable, and a chair that could be used in the house or backyard. What makes this chair so unique is the overall design. For instance, the Adirondack chair has a deep seat, curved back that wraps around the body, and wide armrests to hold a favorite drink or book. Although you might spend a little more money for this type chair, keep in mind it will last for years so it is well worth the investment. However, to make it last and last, you need to know the proper method of caring for your Adirondack chair.

For starters, always buy an Adirondack chair from a reputable manufacturer. That way, you will have the confidence that the best material is used. Typically, Western red cedar is the wood of choice since it is an excellent choice for outdoor use. In addition, this type of wood is weather resistant, dimensionally stable, and when painted, wears extremely well. Therefore, the first step when it comes to caring for your Adirondack chair is to by quality.

Now, the key to caring for your Adirondack chair involves many different factors such as outdoor temperature, humidity, precipitation, use, and so on. In addition, you need to determine what look you want, which will help you decide how to care for your Adirondack chair. In this case, many people like the weathered look that comes from allowing the wood to change naturally by being exposed to the elements. However, some people prefer a clean, new look, which they would get by painting or staining the wood. Therefore, the type of care for your Adirondack chair will depend partly on your personal preference.

If the wood has become covered with mold and mildew then the best way to care for the Adirondack chair would be with a power washer. Just be sure to use the right size nozzle so the pressure is not so much that the wood is damaged. If you do not have a power washer, you can use good, old-fashioned soap and water with a soft brush. After washing the chair down, most experts will recommend that a coat of protection with something like polyurethane be added so mold and mildew does not return. Just be sure the wood is completely dry first.

Then, if you keep your Adirondack furniture outdoors, you will also need to take steps to care for the Adirondack chair for the winter months. Typically, you would want to wash the furniture, allow it to dry, and then cover it. Place the chair in the basement, garage, or somewhere indoors where it will be out of the elements. If you want to ensure mold and mildew do not become a problem while in storage, cover the chair with a plastic tarp.

As you can see, good common sense is generally the best way to care for an Adirondack chair. When you keep the chair clean and protected, you will find that it will last just about as long as you. In fact, many families will buy this type of chair and then pass it down from one generation to another because the level of quality has not been sacrificed over the years!

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