Wild Flower Garden - Make Amends...Your Plants Will Love It

A wild flower garden, just like any garden you wish to plant, requires good quality soil that will meet the needs of the plants you put in it. That means that your garden soil may need some amendment. So why do you need to amend the soil and how do you do it?

The answer to both of these questions depends on what you intend to plant and the soil in your garden. First, let us look at why you might need soil amendment. The ground may have been stripped of topsoil as most often happens in newly built areas. Such areas are often left with compacted soil due to construction. Another reason is that the pH balance may not be at the desired level. pH (parts hydrogen) is a number that indicates the acidity or alkalinity of your soil/alkaline balance. This is important because the acid/alkaline levels of your soil controls the availability of some food elements in the soil.

So how do you amend the soil? The first step You can purchase a soil testing kit from your local hardware or garden center and follow the included instructions to test the soil. Also follow the instructions for the amount and type of amendments you need to add. Adding the amendments to your soil will help restore the nutrients, minerals and pH balance to give your plants a great head start. Choosing plants that are native to your location will help enormously.

You are now at the stage where you have designed your new wild flower garden, installed your hardscaping, prepared the ground, amended the soil and purchased your plants and seeds. Time to plant up your garden...so what are your waiting for...start planting. Enjoy your new wild flower garden, you worked hard and you deserve it.

Gabrielle Bennett is a gardener with many years experience gardening in different climates. More information on Wild Flower Gardens can be found at http://www.complete-flower-garden.com

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