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I am Jhon Saunders and recently took up gardening as a hobby. i have managed to buy cheap gardening equipment and also items such as blubs, lights etc. I have submitted various articles on mow I did this. To view this articles, please search under my name.

Sunflowers, what are they and why am I writing about them?

Well to put it frankly, sumflowers really do liven up any garden and they are so easy to cultivate. Literally, all you need to do is plant a sunflower seed ( you are not going to ask me where to get hold of these are you!) and then just add water.

The advantages of growning flowers like sunflowers is they also attract bees. Due to there size, they also add a focal point to the garden. For this reason, most houses here in the UK, tend to plan them in their front yard.

Just out of interest, if you goto the South Of France, you can drive through fields and fields of sunflowers- a very beautiful se.

On average mu sunflowers grow to 5 foot in hight, but I have seen neighbours grown to 7 foot- what a sight. Isn't nature amazing, that fromsuch a small seed can grow such a beautiful flower?

I highly recommend growing sunflowers, as they are easy, just add water and a bit of sunlight and they definately bring sunshine to your garden.

Go on give it a try


Recently took up gardening as a hobby.

John Sanders

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