Bedding Plants and Plugs (small plants)

It is not difficult to grow bedding plants from seeds, and you may be surprised to know you do not need to have a greenhouse or some hot room to grow them in. I have managed to grow my plants by placing them in an old carton/pot covered in a polythene bag. However, please remember to leave the pot where sunlight can get to it, i.e., a window ledge or a balcony.

In a previous article I have advised purchasing seedlings and bulbs from places like, a local fair or pound shop ( quite a phenomena here in the UK). Most magazine tend to have quite good offers on seedlings as well. Alternatively you can buy a young plant which means you do not have to incubate them like the seedlings.

Bedding plants are cheaper when bought in trays and can be bought from most garden centres and the like. Although, if you can afford it, it maybe worthwhile buying them in pots as they generally tend to grow better.

Alternatively you can buy young plants, called plugs, but please do check for obvious signs, such as leaves going yellow or mouldy.

Gardening can be cheap and fun as well and if done regularly, does not really need to take up a lot of time. A simple well kept lawn, surrounded by small flower beds, can make a big difference to your garden. Remember a lot of these items can be bought online for real cheap. Check out, for further information.

Do remember to water your plants regularly, especially in hot weather.

John Sanders

Took up gardening recently and really enjoying it.

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