Patio Accessories ? Complete The Great Outdoors

Patio accessories can range from small to large and of all types of materials and styles depending on your garden décor. Outdoor entertaining on the patio or backyard has skyrocketed in the last few years as people are treating their patios as outdoor rooms. Homeowners want to extend their homes, and adding accessories on the patio is one way to turn the indoors out. A patio accessory can be just about anything. Some ideas to enhance your garden and add decorative touches are: wind chimes, decorative flags, weathervanes, bird baths, houses, feeders, garden stakes, planters and more. These are only a few of the thousands of things you can choose to add some decoration to your patio. You could also splurge on thick plump pillows on a wrought iron love seat. What about decorative rag rugs with ticking stripes for patio seat cushions? Fabrics along with your accessories make for a wonderful splash of color. I choose to keep to the same color palette that I have in my house. It only makes decorating sense to me to just keep the palettes going outside. I don't like the look of having one distinct color inside and then a completely different color outside. Flow is the rule indoors, why not outdoors too? Keep the color flow going with your furniture, and then add a pop of an unusual color with your accessories. If you aren't sure about the lime green or the hot pink, just add a little of it until you see if you want more.

I love to search antique stores when I decorate outdoors. Think outside the box for outdoor patio furniture. I add old tool chests for extra seating and benches. There are a lot of vintage twig pieces that add just that special decorative element. You don't have to "sit" in chairs. Set them up for interesting decorative planter. Have you seen an old wicker rocker that you adore but in drastic need of repair? Why not just put it to use as a plant stand and let its lovely features hold the plant instead. Garage sales are also ideal for decorating outside. If you buy things that aren't new or pristine, you don't care quite so much if the elements get to them. I love the aged look of pieces, knowing they served their life well performing a function, and now they are ready to just beautify my patio. I have an antique can collection and some of them are quite large. I use them as planters outside and some are large enough for plant stands. I also love using old bikes, wheelbarrows, wagons, and other old farm equipment to accessorize my patio. My whole house is done in a shabby chic style so I carry this theme throughout my patio and front yard. I am also very creative so I make many things myself. I have some rusty chairs that I decorated with fabric; not caring if the fabric faded because the more faded the better. They look great with plants growing around them. I also enjoy making innovative bird houses out of things you wouldn't expect such as unique boxes or containers. My guests know to expect the unexpected when they visit my house. Its fun seeing the reactions of people when they see how I have turned an old rusty cast off piece of equipment into something incredibly beautiful. Decorating in the garden is only limited by your taste and imagination. Be creative and make something yourself. There should be a lot of inspiration around you, just look out in your own backyard or the even the junkyard. Repurposing is a hot trend now and you can add your own personality into whatever you design. Don't be afraid to think outside the box. If you like a piece, take it home and place it around the patio in different locations until an idea comes to your head. If you really love a piece, you will be able to integrate it beautifully into your decorating theme. You are the one that has to live with it so wherever you place it you will love it everyday.

Beverly Marshall is a successful freelance writer offering guidance and suggestions for consumers buying patio furniture, hammock styles, gas grills, picnic tables, above ground pools and more. She gives information and tips to help you save money and make informed buying decisions.

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