16 Lawn Mower Safety Tips

1. Always read the instruction manual before operating your lawnmower. I know it sounds boring but there is a very good reason you are supposed to read it (didn't you ever wonder why you were never able to set the time on your vcr?).

2. Always pick up all foreign objects before you start mowing. Types of items that can adversely affect your mower are rocks, branches (even small twigs sometimes), kids toys, hoses.

3. Don't allow children or pets to play in the yard while you are mowing the lawn.

4. Take note of what the instruction manual says about handling your lawn mower. If it says to push it then don't pull it. Sounds obvious, but some mowers are built to go in a specific direction.

5. Don't fill the tank of the lawn mower with gas in an enclosed area such as under the house, in a garage or in a shed. This can lead to a buildup of combustible fumes.

6. Don't smoke anything and keep any other kind of open flame far away while filling your gas tank.

7. Avoid storing oil, gas and petrol in unmarked containers, especially containers that have been previously used for something edible.

8. Don't add fuel to your lawnmower while the engine is running or the mower is still hot.

9. Fill your gas tank before starting your mowing each time you use your mower.

10. Young kids should not be allowed to operate your lawn mower. If you are going to let your child operate your lawn mower make sure you give them clear instructions and a full safety briefing before they begin and, depending on their age, never leave them alone.

11. Remove the spark plug before doing any maintenance work on your lawn mower.

12. Do not start the engine while you are inside any type of enclosed area (shed, building etc). This could lead to a toxic build up of fumes.

13. Don't walk away from the lawn mower while the engine is running. If you do have to walk away a short distance (such as to carry mulch) make sure you keep a good eye on the lawn mower at all times.

14. If you need to make some types of adjustments to the lawn mower mechanics then always make sure that the engine is switched off.

15. Always wear closed shoes and long pants while mowing.

16. Keep well clear of the discharge chute during lawn mowing as dangerous objects can be hurled at quite a velocity from the chute.

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