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Plants To Grow Old With or The Constant Battle

Following are a few paragraphs about the on going battle I had with some of my plants!

Gardening for Birds Part 2

We've had some well needed rain this past week, though it makes it a bit difficult to get chores done outside.

Bird Baths in Your Yard


How to Grow Bananas

If your grocer says, ?Yes, we have no bananas. We have no bananas today,? it isn?t surprising since the banana is the world?s second favorite fruit, surpassed in popularity only by the apple. Once only grown in tropical climates, the good news is that several varieties can be grown in northern areas as well as in the south.

How to Find and Work With a Porch Swing Contractor To Install the Porch Swing of Your Dreams

You've found a great Porch Swing and you know exactly where you want to put it, and it's not on the Porch. If you're a Do-it-Yourselfer, no problem. All you have to do now is build a Porch Swing support on your chosen spot and hang the swing. But what if you don't have the first idea how to build a Porch Swing support or couldn't build one if you did. Then you'll need to hire a Porch Swing contractor.

How to Win the War Against Slugs and Snails

Slugs are one of the most hated of garden pests. You may have spent time carefully planting out your seedlings into the bed, but when you return next morning, you find chewed leaves, the growing points nibbled away and a mass of slimy trails all around. All clear evidence that garden slugs, or sometimes snails, have been enjoying a nocturnal feast at your expense.

Secrets of Growing Killer Tomatoes

Tomatoes have always been my favorite garden vegetable to grow and to eat. I have had success with the other standard garden vegetables, such as cucumbers, bell peppers, cauliflower etc. but tomatoes became my specialty over the years.

Outdoor Furniture: Exploring the Benefits of Teak

Of the many types of materials that are available for the construction of outdoor furniture, teak is often overlooked. This beautiful wood ? of tropical origin ? adds character and elegance to your outdoor design through a blending of nature and man-made elements which provide an outstanding aesthetic presentation to any yard.

CO2 for Free

We?ve all heard that there is no such thing as a ?free lunch?; well the process described in this article may be as close to one as you get. Most of us already know the benefits of CO2 enrichment for photosynthesis. To maximize indoor growing and greenhouse potential, CO2 is supplemented to maintain an approximate level of 1500 ppm, this can require frequent trips to an industrial gas supplier and/or a lot of propane or natural gas use, and related costs. It is ironic that many indoor farmers are exhausting CO2 to the outdoors from home heaters and hot water heaters while simultaneously releasing or generating CO2 for an indoor grow room or a greenhouse.

Gardening in Containers

Every Garden can benefit from the addition of container gardens. They add interst and variety, plus are easily moved around. If you live in an apartment or have a small area to work with this may be the only solution for you.

Using Bulbs in Your Landscaping

Naturalized bulbs look beautiful in a wooded setting. You can plant them and leave them to multiply. After the bulbs bloom the foliage will die down, but you can interplant bulbs with ground covers for a carefree and beautiful garden.

Using Annuals in Your Perrenial Garden

Annuals in your pernnial garden are something to think about! Annuals give you season long color, easy propogation, they're cost efficient, and provide first season interest.

Iris Flowers Remind Me Of Mom!

Iris flowers always bring memories of mom to mind. Let me share with you three reasons why...

Teak Patio Table - Why You Need One

Do you love to cook outdoors but end up having to dine on makeshift outdoor furniture or maybe even inside because you simply do not have the furniture to properly entertain in your yard, deck or patio? Would you love to find the perfect patio table or set to transform your empty space to an elegant outdoor dining room? If so, maybe you should think about enhancing your outdoor space with a teak patio table.

Teak Planters - Accent Your Outdoor Space with One

Do you want to add something to your outdoor space that will take it from beautiful to breathtaking? Do you have all of the right teak furniture but feel that something is missing, some accent that will truly make your space unique and worthy of only the highest praise? If so, maybe you should accent your outdoor space with teak planters.

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