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Homemade Hummingbird Nectar


Grow Organic Vegetables

There are more reasons than ever why anybody with access to a few square feet of the outdoors should grow their own organic vegetables.

Amish Furniture on the Front Porch

While shopping on line the other day at, I looked at the Amish Hickory Rocker. Now I have looked at this rocker many a time, but I have never thought about it. Think about how many times a rocker like this, over the generations, has rocked a baby to sleep, or a grandpa. Think about those spring, summer and autumn nights on the porch watching the kids play on the streets, or just drinking a glass of cool sweet tea listen to the crickets. How many times has one of these rockers sat in front of the fireplace, and comforted someone to sleep on a cold night.

The Container Vegetable Garden

If you live in an apartment or town home, you probably think you don?t have enough space to grow vegetables. Lack of space is no longer an excuse since many modern vegetable varieties are perfect for growing in containers on a sunny window ledge or patio.

Dont Roll that Lawn

Every spring some mysterious hormone hits the male of the species and the urge to "do lawn work" strikes.

Compost YES, Epsom Salts NO

You?ll often hear garden writers recommending the use of Epsom salts in the garden as a general rule. First off, I?m not one of those writers. Secondly, Epsom salts are essentially magnesium so if your garden soil is magnesium starved, adding the Epsom salts will seemingly work miracles. If your soil is not magnesium starved, adding Epsom salts is a waste of time, effort and money.

Lawn Care Information

Recent lawn care information reports that a lot of us might be guilty of over-kill when it comes to tending our family turf. What may be the most effective way to solve problems may not be the best way for the long-term health of our lawns and safety of our families.

Pond Construction

The location of your pond should be decided. You?ve picked a good spot in your yard where you can see the pond from different places, and it?s near enough to the house so you can see it from a window. This is really part of the fun because you can visualize the landscaping ideas you?ll be incorporating into the pond area once the dig is finished.

Creativity with Ponds

Here?s where your creative instincts kick in. This is where you make your pond your own. Basically, it?s landscaping, but with a pond it can really become an artistic endeavor.

Letting Nature Grow Your Garden

It is wisest to let Nature have Her way. Nature has her own agenda, and your life as a gardener will be easier if you bow to Her desires. Better to dance with the fairies than struggle with eliminating "weeds". What herbs already grow around you that you can use as teas and seasonings? Most areas are rich in such plants, both native and introduced. Many of them will be happy to grace your garden with very little effort on your part. Some will appear; others may want to be transplanted. Still others are simply there, waiting for you to notice.

Hydroponics Gardening - An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (Part 5) Plant Growth


Water Conservation in the Garden - Use a Rain Barrel to Harvest Rainwater

If you are a gardener you probably already do a bit composting to recycle yard and kitchen waste. This homemade "Black Gold" does wonders for your plants and soil. But, have you discovered the gardening benefits of harvesting and recycling rainwater to use in the garden?

Garden Hot Tubs

Imagine starting your morning with a saunter out the back door to enjoy a cup of coffee in your garden hot tub, or relaxing just before bed with a lazy soak in your backyard hot tub under the stars. More and more homeowners are taking the plunge (pardon the pun!) and installing a hot tub in their backyard or garden. If it all sounds tempting to you, here are a few things to consider when deciding where and whether to put a hot tub in YOUR backyard.

A Kids Tree

During my youth kids were required to pass through a tree climbing phase as part of the transition from being a kid to becoming a teenager. Not just any old tree would do of course. The majestic oak was always a tower of strength but the limbs were too high up for it to be a good climbing tree. Likewise, the tall pecan trees that grew in our yard would have required a chain of ladders just to make it to the first limb.

Poly Tarps: More Than Meets The Eye

To many people, ?tarp? conjures an image of a crumpled canvas in the corner of the garage, or maybe that shiny blue plastic sheet in the hardware store.

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