Why Should You Create A Butterfly Garden?

Have you noticed you do not see as many butterflies as you once did? It is sad that we do not see as many butterflies as we might like. You can change that by planting a butterfly garden.

There are many reasons that we don't see many butterflies. One is the destruction of their habitat. Every day more and more spaces of open land are being used to build houses, apartments, and businesses. When the woods and fields are cleared, there is no place for butterflies to live and raise their young.

Butterflies are especially affected by land development. Because butterflies and their caterpillars require specific kinds of plants and habitats, land development has caused their numbers to drop. One species, the Xerces Blue, has already become extinct through alteration of its habitat. Many more are on the threatened and endangered species lists.

Another reason for the decline in butterfly populations is the wide use of pesticides. Farmers use them to control the insects that threaten to destroy their means of making money. Homeowners use them to prevent the destruction of their homes from termites and the destruction of their yards from the pests that eat their flowers, grass and shrubbery.

Many places do widespread spraying to kill disease-bearing mosquitoes. These pesticides, while not targeted at butterflies, do kill butterflies, too.

We need insects. Many plants depend on insects to distribute their pollen from one flower to the other. We would have no vegetables, or pretty flowers to enjoy for that matter, if it were not for the insects that pollinate them. Butterflies are important plant pollinators. They, as well as other insects also fill an important role in the food chain. Many birds depend on insects for food.

So construct a butterfly garden and create the habitat necessary to help preserve these beautiful creatures. Remember, don't use pesticides.

Christi Vega is the author of "The Joy and Serenity of Creating A Butterfly Garden". Go to http://www.abutterflygarden.com to learn how you can create a beautiful garden that attracts these marvel winged creatures to your home. You may reprint this article in its entirety as long as the resource box is included.

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