Why Patio Benches are a Great Place to Relax and Enjoy

Having an outdoor patio offers the opportunity and place to sit outdoors where you can relax alone on a lazy Saturday morning or enjoy a barbecue with family and friends. To enhance a patio while providing additional seating, more and more people are turning to patio benches. Although traditional patio furniture is still nice, patio benches do not take up as much room, they can easily be moved from the patio to the lawn, and many designs on the market feature compartments underneath a padded seat for storage.

With redwood patio benches, you have a nice splash of warm color and a bench that will last for years. Redwood benches come in a number of styles, some with slatted backs and armrests and others simply a bench with a padded seat cushion. Regardless, by choosing a redwood patio bench that has been built with top craftsmanship, you can be sure it will be strong and comfortable.

Teak patio benches are considered a top choice since this particular wood is the best for facing outdoor elements. With teak, you can choose from several colors that start from a soft golden blonde to a rich caramel. Teak is beautiful and because it is so versatile, you will often find patio benches in elaborate designs. Whether looking for a scrolled back patio bench or a simple love seat with overstuffed cushions, teak is always an excellent choice.

With wood patio benches, there is a wide selection in both wood type and design. The nice thing about choosing wood is that you can choose a bench regardless of your taste. In other words, if you prefer Edwardian, contemporary, traditional, country, or anything in between, you will find a number of patio benches from which to choose. In addition to the popular choices of redwood and teak, you will also find benches constructed from cedar, beech, birch, jarrah, cypress, mahogany, oak, and pine. The only thing to remember is that some of the softer woods such as pine do not do as well as the hardwoods.

Now, if you are on a budget but still want a patio bench that will look great and be functional, you might think about wicker. Most of the wicker patio benches on the market are specially treated so they can weather rain, wind, and dirt. However, experts do recommend that wicker furniture be taken in during the cold winter months or covered. However, wicker is actually very strong and durable as long as you purchase quality. Just remember that your best bet for a wicker patio bench is to choose what is known as "all weather" wicker. With this, the patio bench would be designed with an aluminum frame that provides better structure and durability.

You might also think about metal. For example, you will find patio benches constructed from aluminum, which is actually an excellent outdoor material. With this, you do not have to worry about rust and aluminum is strong, handling outdoor elements quite well. Typically, you would see the legs of the bench made from tubular aluminum, meaning they are hollow with internal reinforcing to give it strength. If you want a patio bench with detailing, then cast aluminum would be a great choice. The result is elegance and a classic look that is perfect for any patio. Finally, wrought iron is often used for patio benches that have scrolling, and a rich style. As you can see, when it comes to patio benches, the options are endless.

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