A Quick Overview of Outdoor Hot Tubs

There is nothing quite as relaxing as a leisurely evening soak in the hot tub after a long, hard day's work. Sore muscles can finally relax as the water jets massage aches and pains away. It is no wonder that hot tubs are so popular. However, how do you decide which of the many outdoor hot tubs is right for you?

First, think about who will be using your new hot tub. If you and your spouse plan to spend quiet evenings soaking and relaxing, you will want a smaller hot tub than four friends who are sharing a small bungalow and plan to use their hot tub for entertaining. If a disabled person or an elderly person will be using the hot tub, look for handicap accessible features.

Next, consider whether you want to just soak quietly or whether you want the hot tub to really massage aching muscles. If you want to avoid having to scrunch down to have the jets reach your back, you will want to look for a tub with plenty of jets and a more powerful motor. You may also want to consider features such as an underwater light, a storm seat, and even a built in CD player. For those people who are attached to their television sets, there is even a model with a built in TV/DVD player combination.

Once you have decided on the features you need, you will want to consider the available area for your hot tub. If you have limited space, you may want to purchase a square or round tub, but if there is plenty of room for your hot tub, you may want to choose a rectangular tub.

Although most hot tub inserts are a bit unattractive, you can encase them in almost any type of material. Many hot tub owners choose red wood or decking to encase their tubs, while others prefer simulated wood products. These platforms often offer much needed storage for hot tub accessories. You can choose additional features for the surround, such as a deck area or built in planters.

Finally, don't forget to consider safety. You should have a licensed electrician and plumber complete the hot tub installation if you do not have it installed by the manufacturer. If your hot tub does not come with a cover, you may want to consider purchasing one since the cover will help you keep out debris. In addition, you may want to look into a lock for the cover, so that you can keep children out of the hot tub.

Garry John is the author of many home and garden related articles including hot tubs, conservatories and conservatory blinds.

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