Organic Hydroponics - Simplified

These days, it's easy to get lost in the wealth of knowledge available on hydroponics cultivation. The dizzying collection of fertilizers, additives and supplement doesn't necessarily help the situation. From foliage to root, there's something for everyone and for every kind of situation.

But is all this necessary to grow great crops? I think one may find that great results can be achieved through simplicity. Here I will show you how to reduce the stock pile of fertilizers and supplements to the bare "essentials," while incorporating other products on an "only-as-needed" basis.

Growing plants organically
Plants require nutrients just like humans. There are three groups of nutrients that plant require to grow into healthy, vigorous plants: Primary, Secondary & Micro Nutrients (see: Plant Nutrient - Primary, secondary & micro nutrients). Organic applications require a bio-stimulant to increase fertilizer uptake. Bio-stimulants often contain humic acid, fulvic acid, trichoderma, and a host of good microbes and bacteria that promote growth.

The nutritional requirement, however, is only a "single" component in growing healthy plants organically. Other aspect of organic hydroponics cultivation such as lighting, temperature, humidity, media et, all play a vital role in the plant's overall health.

Anything else, such as growth supplements and other additives should only be applied if there's a deficiency or other problems to plants where those substance could resolve the situation. Never add a substance to your nutrient solution simply because you think "the more you put in, the more you'll get out."

Additionally, some primary fertilizers may contain trace elements and you may not need to purchase a separate supplement of "micro nutrient." The micro nutrients are only required in trace amounts.

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